I like the idea of Knowledgeroot, and 0.9.7 works nicely. But the WYSIWYG editor gets in my way.

Oh yeah, it's FCKEditor alright, in all its glory and massiveness, and a bug to bug implementation, too (well, that's not your fault, surely) - why not use something smaller like widgEditor? After all, this is not a content management application, presentation is geared towards organisation of information and not attractiveness. I'd leave that part to the admin/designer entirely. Showing all those controls invites all sorts of misbehaviour from ignorant users (I'm speaking as a CMS admin here who has to clean out rotten layout and content time and again).

Using WYSIWYG is sensible, though - either that or some sort of BBCode instead of HTML in order to prevent people from having to add basic page structuring like paragraphs or even linebreaks. I know some blogging applications that are using BBCode - it's a nice and quick way of formatting content without WYSIWYG or HTML.

Knowledgeroot seems pretty straightforward - tree structuring of content is helpful in many cases, and the handling of content is well thought through.


thanks for your feeback. For the future it is better to use the forum or the mailinglist for feedback ;)

I know the problem with the wysiwyg editors. on the todo list is to make own extensions for each editor. so you have to choice to install editors and so it is possible that widgeditor could also be included. but at the moment you can use fckeditor or tinymce or disable the editors. so you only have a clean textbox ;)

so thanks for your feedback